Ahead of the Manchester derby..who is the better tactician? Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola

This is a question that has raised a few eyebrows over the years…both men have a massive passion for the game and their extreme confidence in what they do has set them apart from other coaches. But who is the better tactician, Mourinho or Guardiola?

Both men are doing good so far this season with pep’s men sitting on top of the EPL table. They topped their UCL group and are in the last 8 in the league cup while Jose’s men sit 8 points behind city in the league, topped their UCL group and are also in the last 8 in the league cup. Pep always wants to play with the ball, entertain, score as many goals as possible while Jose is a manager that wants to win no matter what it takes. He’s a manager that can set up his team anyhow he thinks is best for the game and still get results, maybe fairly…Jose is said to be defensive but one or few times…his teams have broke goal scoring records. In his words “I just tell my players to focus on the next match..and I set my team towards the next match” and both have done pretty well for themselves and boast a huge CV having won many trophies with different clubs. Pep boasts 19 trophies and Jose boasts a better record with 25. Jose likes to park the bus and plays boring football as they say and pep likes to play beautiful football. People also say that Pep knows how to manage and improve players better than Jose but looking at the clubs each has coached down the years and what they have to show for it….who would you say is the better tactician?

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featured image credit Sky Sports