A tale of Tim Robinson - Referees ruining the English game

A tale of Tim Robinson - Referees ruining the English game

Last update: 24 October 2020 Tags: AFC Bournemouth, Watford FC. Categories: Championship.

Could this be the worst refereeing performance ever seen in a Watford vs Bournemouth game? The Hornets have been in battle with the Cherries for the last 6/7 years as they have competed neck and neck in both the Championship and Premier League. It does beg the question that whenever these clubs meet, why are Bournemouth so evidently favoured by the man in the middle who are single handedly on a mission to kill fans enthusiasm for the game?

The answers to this I simply cannot provide but the evidence is all so abundantly clear - credit @Lkenz




Yet again English football has fallen foul of another game drastically impacted by the officials. Even with all of the technology in the world, the level of performances on a weekly basis has made the Premier League a circus. Watford in their own right shouldn't even be competing in the Championship if any competency was shown last season. Somehow the same clowns that operate at the top of the pyramid remain constant and are seemingly untouchable when it comes to truly shocking decisions which is a massive part of the problem. While performance is analysed in the same way as players, there should be a strict level of accountability and clear standards set as a result whilst acknowledging that mistakes will always be made, terrible performances that determine the result of a match should not be accepted among those that are responsible for the officials.

Therefore there should be no possibility that Tim Robinson should be refereeing a Championship match next game however you would bet your house on that being the case.

The officials up and down the country as a collective and the assessors who monitor their performances are part of a union who clearly are not ruthless with their development of officiating. This is evident when listening to the likes of Peter Walton or Dermot Gallagher on TV as they try to justify the incompetence of their former colleagues.

This sheer ineptitude simply cannot carry on for the English game as a whole. Football fans as a community regard VAR as a complete farce but this is massively impeded by those that spectacularly fail to implement it.

In terms of moving forward it is hard to find a way out when every man down the pub can spot a call but the one person who matters can't. It is very hard to make suggestions for progression when the top flight has all the help it already needs but can't get it right.

As for Watford vs Bournemouth as a spectacle this has moved beyond a coincidence and luck for a number of years now. Anyone with any insight into the Cherries will know that their players and management manage the officials to their advantage but it is clearly far more than the lack of strength from the referee after years of appalling decisions given against the Hornets. There is no other way to look at it than a clear agenda in these matches.