A Sad Saturday In football

A Sad Saturday In football

Last update: 31 October 2018 Categories: Featured.

What a day it was in football on Saturday and not in a good way, I think its been the toughest day in football of my lifetime. It all started on BT with ex Swindon, Chelsea and England manager collapsing with a heart attack and even though people moan about him when he is doing the punditry on England matches for ITV but it just proves that he is still loved by all where there was an out pouring of messages of get well soon etc for him. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family and hoping for a speedy recovery. The only update we have is that he is still in a serious condition but is responding well to treatment.

The next story to come out of the footballing world was that a Brighton fan had died in hospital after falling ill at the Brighton game. Im sure everyone is with me in saying my thoughts are with that gentlemans family and friends.

When I saw this news report on twitter I was shocked, went all cold etc. Think this one is the most shocking out of all the news from Saturday and my thoughts go out to the Leicester City family and the family and friends of the Leicester City chairman after that helicopter crash. The amount of things he has done for Leicester City FC and the local community by donating money to charities, hospitals in Leicester etc. In his tenure at Leicester he has guided Leicester into the Premier League by winning the Championship, he has also guided them to winning the Premier League and also into the Champions League quarter final I do believe even though the manager and team would take the credit for that. I think Leicester should put some sort of memorial at the ground though.

Saturday will be a day to forget but we will never forget the day I'm afraid.