A Rough Season For Orlando City

A Rough Season For Orlando City

Last update: 2 October 2018 Categories: Featured.

As this season of the MLS season is coming to an end, I thought I would do a season recap. After a rough start to Orlando City's season things started to look up as we went on a 6 game unbeaten run and everyone me included thought that we were going to make the end of season playoffs, but once again we fizzled out way too quick.

With the team we had this season I would of expected us to actually be challenging for an end of season playoff spot but once again unfortunately it wasnt to be. Half way through the season we changed our manager and we welcomed back to the fold James O'Connor. Hoping things would improve they have stayed the same and were in the bottom 2, which means that we definitely wont be in the end of season playoff and that came in the form of a defeat to Chicago Fire, and that was the final nail in coffin. (as the saying goes) We got off to the most horrid start by conceding within the first 3 minutes and it just went from bad to worse as in the end it ended in a 4-0 defeat, which should come as no shock really as we have lost by that margin a hell of a lot this season.

The question is should we of changed managers half way through a season, I really dont think we should of done as we havent done any better but with our old manager before we started our losing streak we got our nickname back the cardiac cats as we kept winning games by the odd goal and it was in the dying seconds of the game but gone are those days again, hopefully they will come back next season.

Where we are so many hours in front of America it is hard to watch City play and when we played Chicago Fire on Sunday it was on at realistically a reasonable time by being on at around 10pm our time, so I was able to watch it and I thought that maybe where I was watching it might of changed our fortunes but unfortunately it did not and that one game just sums up our season.

The reason why I think we should of stayed with our last manager was because he had only been in charge for about a season and that really isnt time to stake your claim at a club but its the owners choice and we have to trust that they know what they are doing, but I wish him all the best for the future.

But as for James O'Connor I hope that he can build another quality team for next season and we don't fizzle out too quickly like we do most seasons and we can challenge for an end of season playoff spot.