A look inside project big picture

Over the years there’s been numerous debates over b teams in the EFL and regarding funding for clubs in this current climate with Premier league clubs aiming to give 25% of revenue to each EFL club to help through the pandemic and the suggestion of b teams to cut costs as mentioned above.

Man city chief Ferran Soriano has came under fire for calling the EFL “unsubstantial”

Despite the pressure for relief from the EFL the Premier league is continuing to push towards a football league reform which will tear football as we know it too pieces.

Could Leeds be the last second tier champions?

With the football community divide more then ever surely there to be an easier way to make sure that every club and every league has a better chance of securing a future.?

Final thoughts. While still unsure what to make of goings on I can’t say anything that will course a stir but instead of being greedy I wish the “big six” and many more would understand how important the lower level football is especially with towns that are reliant on tourism such as Harrogate and Accrington to help the local community as well as the economy so with this in mind I ask to do the best you possibly can to protect the game we love. However we need to be innovative in our approach but as the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.