5 Reasons you should watch Non-League Football!

Here is 5 reasons you should watch the great game at Non-League level.

  1. Non-League football is a huge platform to Professional Level. Non-League football provides many players to play for professional teams. For example, Sam Hughes was bought from Chester FC to join Leicester City in 2017. He has gone on to captain the development squad with more opportunities for him to come.
  2. Non-League football is massively cheaper than Premier League football. Even though Non-League can still be dear it is much more cheaper than the higher leagues.
  3. Players in Non-League have time for the fans. Most players (not all) don’t have time for the fans in top-flight football. In Non-League, players speak to fans after the game. This shows the players passion for the fans.
  4. Some Teams in Non-League football struggle with financial problems. You should watch Non-League football to make sure these players have a future in the footballing society.
  5. It’s fun to watch. Any football is fun to watch but Non-League is very special!

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