2016 – A Low For Football!

Written by David Robinson

As 2016 nears an end, it’s time to reflect on the year in football. It certainly hasn’t been dull in many respects. I’m sure many will believe it will go down as one of the most fascinating in history and it could be brandished the ‘year of the underdog’. Without going into depth about what happened across the whole of 2016, I look at 3 points which in my opinion, have made 2016 a low in football.

  1. Leicester City Title Win

Many believe this is the greatest thing to happen to English football as Leicester City won the Premier League title. I personally adopt a different stance from the heavily media dictated views. Without going into detail about the relentlessly lucky Foxes that season, not only have they shown this season just how poor their side is, it further highlights the lack of quality in English football, no more so from the embarrassing showings from the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United last season. With incredible riches, English football is out of it’s depth compared to the heavyweights across the continent. While those sides are now making strides to close the gap, there’s a long way to go. Of course it’s nice to see different teams shake up the league but Leicester’s triumph was far from the fairy tale story that many have been led to believe.

credit Ungry Young Man

2. Portugal Win The Euro’s 

2016 in football probably is best summed up by having a side win a tournament with just one win in 90 minutes. The eventual champions qualified third in their group which is another dodgy feature of Euro 2016. The Portuguese then ended up making their way through the knockout rounds edging out sides before scoring an extra time winner against France in the final. The overall standard of the tournament was dire and in truth quite dull so that’s not to take anything away from a far from convincing Portugal side, most teams flattered to deceive in France. While it was nice to see the smaller nations like Iceland get a chance on the big stage it created boring matches and it didn’t capture the imagination like it was intended to despite there being a few highlights for the lower ranked sides like Wales.

credit Ajith Kumar

3. Ronaldo Wins The Ballon D’or

Last week I talked in detail about Ronaldo winning the Ballon D’or. This for me finalised a dodgy year in football. The award for the best player of the year wasn’t give to the best player, it was given to the player who claimed two major trophies which surely defeats the objective of the accolade. Unfortunately it seems we are still in a time where the debate lives on between Messi and Ronaldo, which I believe is a mystery how at this present time, anyone can consider arguing against the Argentinian phenomenon. You can only admire Ronaldo’s achievements however individually this left me puzzled as Messi simply is the best around.

featured image by Peter Woodentop