#10yearchallenge: Best Goal Celebrations from the Past Decade

Jesse Lingard: Milly Rock at the Emirates (2018)

The infamous Milly Rock celebration at the Emirates in 2018 was the prelude to Lingard’s moon walk last week. The Englishman loves a goal against Arsenal, and apparently sees the Gunners‘ stadium as his own little dance floor. Party on J Lingz.

Lionel Messi: Jersey Display at the Bernebau (2017)

What better way to celebrate a last second winner than to rub it in front of the opposing supporters? For years Messi has tore Madrid apart in their backyard, and he didn’t miss a chance to taunt the Bernebau faithful again when Barca defeated their bitter rivals in 2017. Remarkable.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Signature Jump and Turn

Ronaldo has been celebrating this way for years now, as each goal he scores is followed up by him showcasing his ability to rise up high in the air. If you thought him screaming “SIIII” after winning the FIFA Ballon D’or was incredible, you haven’t seen Ronaldo’s leaping ability. Phenomenal.

Andres Iniesta: Honoring the Late Dani Jarque (2010)

Spain winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup was a historic moment, as it signaled the nation’s first triumph in the big stage. Andres Iniesta took a moment aside howeverto honor his late friend, former Espanyol defender Dani Jarque, who passed away a year prior from a heart attack. Donning a shirt that read “Siempre con Nosotros” (Always with Us), Iniesta ensured Jarque’s legacy would be remembered during Spain’s biggest footballing moment. Real friends.

Wayne Rooney: Boxing celebration at Old Trafford (2015)

In the week leading up to Manchester United’s clash with Tottenham, Wayne Rooney was caught on camera getting knocked out by Phil Barnsley in a friendly boxing fight. When Wazza scored United’s third during the match, he made light of the situation by punching the air and falling backwards to resemble him getting winded. Classic stuff.

Various Footballers: Ai Se Eu Te Pego (2012)

The Brazilian dance craze of 2012 made me start a Facebook petition asking for its inclusion in the upcoming EA Sports FIFA 13 game. Neymar first brought the song to attention by dancing in the Santos locker room, before various footballers from around the world turned it to a dance craze. Superstars such as Dani Alves, Marcelo, and Thiago Silva were captured performing the dance, as Ai Se Eu Te Pego did eventually land on FIFA. Quite astonishing.

Mario Balotelli: ‘Why Always Me?’ Shirt Reveal at Old Trafford (2012)

Mario Balotelli is no stranger to controversy. Prior to the Manchester derby, all the headlines were on the Italian after he let off fireworks in his bathroom. In true Balotelli fashion, he opened the scoring in the match and celebrated by revealing an undershirt that read “Why Always Me?”. Legend.

Paul Pogba: Dab

Paul Pogba is an enigmatic figure. His flashy displays are often scorned by pundits in the media, but the Frenchman just seems to be having fun on the pitch with his crazy dances, and nine second penalty kick run up. His famous dab celebration was honed in Turin during his Juventus days. While he doesn’t hit the dab anymore, the Frenchman still finds time to try all sorts of dances on the pitch. To each his own.

Emanuel Adebayor: Run up vs Arsenal at the Etihad (2009)

Talk about biting the hand that once fed you. In the first game between Manchester City and Arsenal since Adebayor’s move to Manchester, the Togolese international made his feelings clear by running to the other side of the pitch, and celebrating in front of the Arsenal fans. Adebayor was never a hated figure for the Gunners, but that moment afterwards vilified him as public enemy #1 amongst Arsenal supporters. No love lost, no love found.

Angel Di Maria & Gareth Bale: Heart shaped Hands

Both are sharpshooters. Both are great set-piece takers. Both won the 2014 Champions League Final for Real Madrid. Gareth Bale and Angel Di Maria have lots in common, including their celebration. The heart gesture is a simple, yet memorable way the two celebrate their goals, which for the most part are wonder strikes. One in the same.

featured image credit Dream Team