10 best two-footed players in football

In the world of football today, there is a plethora of players who can easily pick out a pass or finish a chance with either foot, but they aren’t quite as recognised as they should be.

You may often see a clip of a player in training taking a set-piece with his supposed weaker foot and are rightly praised; although for some players, their skill can be seen in abundance in matches. Retired men such as Paulo Maldini & Ronaldo were considered the pinnacle of two-footed footballers, and there are a huge amount still playing today.

Here’s the 10 best two-footed players in football…

10. Hernanes – Hebei China Fortune

The former Calcio A star notably played for Inter Milan, Lazio, and Juventus in his time in Italy but made his name as a two-footer when he once performed an incredible feat in his first stint at São Paulo. The Brazilian scored two free-kicks in one match: one with his left, and one with his right. If that’s not showing how two-footed this midfield general is, we don’t know what will.

9. Wesley Sneijder – Al-Gharafa

In spite of the fact this Dutchman’s peak is over, ever since he came onto the world stage at Inter Milan & Real Madrid and was constantly linked to Manchester United to replace Paul Scholes, it’s clear to see just why he is feared anywhere on the pitch. A specialist on set-pieces, it’s no wonder he was an outstanding 132 caps for the Netherlands national team at senior level and has a Champions League medal. A range of passing and shooting that has cut open the best of teams throughout the years, all enhanced hugely by his clear ambidexterity, he can still cause damage on either foot.

8. Adam Lallana – Liverpool

As one of the Premier League’s most underrated players at this time, the playmaker always excites whenever he steps onto the pitch. If you keep track of him for a full match, the nuances of his play include silky player from both feet. Jürgen Klopp has talent in the forward line for Liverpool at the moment, however it’s clear the Englishman must be in the squad in some capacity long-term despite his current injury.

7. Pedro – Chelsea

The versatile forward who has always been bit-part for club & country yet a gifted player most of his career, has finally been able to show true magic under Antonio Conte as he ousted fellow wingers at Chelsea. In his Barcelona days, goals were scored with either of his feet and could always be relied upon to produce play that would damage opposition. Watch out which ever way the Spaniard goes if he manages to break through a back line.

6. Santi Cazorla – Arsenal

When Arsene Wenger signed the maestro from Málaga in 2012, he admitted in an interview that he didn’t even know exactly what foot the Spanish man prefers. The wizard epitomises what it means to be ‘two-footed’ and it’s hard to detect what foot the player prefers himself. In a position that relies on creativity and dynamism, the now experiences midfielder oozes class on either foot. Since his well-documented ankle problem, the world is itching to see him back on the pitch.

5. Luka Modrić – Real Madrid

It’s not often you find a player who transfermrkt describe a ‘both’ footed, but the maestro who has been integral to his side’s unrivalled success on the European stage is. Whilst at Tottenham Hotspur in the years where he made his name in 2010, it was found that Modrić crossed from the left 55.5% of the time. It is safe to say that he does have enough world-class options around him in his current tam to play any successful pass, but he is one of the most self-assured footballers playing today on either foot.

4. Ousmane Dembélé – Barcelona

Now onto the world stage after a meteoric rise over 2 seasons, the Frenchman is absolutely ‘two-footed’. In his time at Rennes in 2015/16, he was asked by a journalist what his preferred foot was and he stated “left-footed”. However, when asked immediately after why he takes penalties with his right-foot, he replied “because I shoot better with my right foot”. That perfectly sums up just how ‘two-footed’ the player is. His impressive season at Borussia Dortmund in 2016/17 lead to a mega-money move to Barcleona, and his versatile quality anywhere on forward line will surely only improve in the future now that he’s returned from an early-campaign injury.

3. Toni Kroos – Real Madrid

Widely regarded as one of the best ball-playing holding midfielders in the world today (along with his teammate Modrić and the likes of Andréas Iniesta), the German can whip in a pass that can totally confuse the opposition as to how exactly the ball manages to get there. Like Modrić, he has a huge amount of world-class options around him that can really help him out when he is in need of a pass. His lack of pace is also made up well by his passing range, being able to cruise around the park (no pun intended). It seems a travesty that Bayern Munich let him go a few years ago, but Los Blancos’ triumph over everyone else in Europe is hugely down to the East-Germany born man’s quality.

2. Neymar – PSG

The world’s most expensive footballer ever has still not come off everyone’s lips as of yet, and it’s still hard to believe that he’s a Paris Saint-Germain player. From his days rising in the attention of the footballing world at Santos, players have never known which foot the now world-beating winger is going to use, once scoring a bicycle-kick with his ‘weak’ foot. His impressive box of tricks that sometimes make it seem like the Brazilian is taking the proverbial Michael out of his opponents at times, show his talent. Feared by all, this man isn’t going away – and neither are his two feet.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid

Rivaling only one man in his career to be named as the best football player in the world year upon year, the Portuguese phenomenon has always been a man who can use both feet unbelievably effectively. His deadly shooting anywhere on the pitch is a credit to just how immensely dangerous the former Manchester United & SP Lisbon player is – even if he can be as fatal with his head aplomb. It is obvious that there’s no denying that this legend of the game is the undisputed best ‘two-footed’ player in football right now.

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